Hobo Hot

Hobo Hot

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Meet Hobo Hot

Heat meter: Hot

Flavor Meter: Six Cabooses

3:10 to Yummy: when all ya' got fits in a knapsack slung cross your shoulder, what goes in it better not be good, but real good. And what's gooder than Swinehearts Hot BBQ sauce? Storing it in beef for traveling just made sense.

Buy some today and jump aboard the Hobo Hot express!


Zero sugar. Zero carbs.

Delicious jerky perfect for everyone! 

Our jerky is made with super lean thin strips of beef soaked in our BBQ sauce until every nook and cranny looks how we feel after Thanksgiving dinner: absolutely stuffed with flavor! 

We then slow-cook it for over 7 hours in our top secret, giant [removed by our lawyers], for an old fashioned, campfire chew that's just better than what you'll find in stores.

Swinehearts makes BBQ healthy, flavorful and fun. 

It ain't good. It's real good.


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